Bitcoin Hashrate Leaps Then Drops – How $Trio

Two.Five Hectares burns down after a suspected short-circuit caused a fire at a Thailand-Based Bitcoin Mining operation.

On 14 Oct te the district of Samrongnua, Thailand, several fire department vehicles were dispatched to attend to a fire at a storage facility.

The storage facility is a single-story rekentuig/gegevens warehouse ter an industrial area of ​​about Two acres. Very first responders arrived to find a fiercely searing fire and it took overheen 30 minutes to get the blaze under control.

A warehouse security guard, 34 year old, Mr Sarawut Sodawater, stated before the incident he and his colleagues were on night duty when he noticed the smell of smoke from a fire. Investigating further, they quickly found the rising flames of a spreading fire te one of the large storage units. The fire spread from the vuurlijn of the warehouse quickly to the back of the warehouse spil the fire hopped from the storage slagroom to the power supply slagroom. They instantaneously called the authorities but it wasgoed too late to save the equipment which wasgoed demolished te its totality.

The ground’s caretaker and mechanic, Mr Forest and Mr Wang both aged 38, stated:

“the warehouse wasgoed open for only [the last] Four months with the storage server. [leased] For rental space of the Internet. [The renter] Employs only Ten people, most of whom are technicians. To take care of various laptop systems..”

Thai authorities are investigating the cause further and bringing ter technical specialists to determine details and rule out arson, due to the value and nature of the equipment demolished.

The Bitcoin community has bot wondering where a latest 20 Peta-Hash increase ter mining power came from, speculating to the latest release of Spondoolies Tech SP31 Specimen Bitcoin ASIC miners hitting the market.

A very acute increase, followed by a confusing (until wij heard about this fire) decrease.

Before: The SP31’s setup te the data-warehouse Samrongnua, Thailand.

Spondoolies Tech CEO Dude Corem, Confirmed via a postbode on that thesis were indeed brand-new SP30 Models and that the technicus had no insurance.

The Bitcoin mining equipment is estimated to be worth $Three.6M and wasgoed wielded by and uitrusting called “Cowboyminers” according to sources from reddit.

Bitcoin community members on were also quick to point out that, unlike conventional mining operations, no ‘miners’ or actual lives were harmed during the fire.

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