USI Tech Claims Four Year 70 Million BitFury Cryptocurrency Mining Contract

USI-Tech is a multilevel marketing company that promises to help members get rich quick through membership recruitment, mining, and automatic investing robots. The company wasgoed recently accused of lounging about a $70 million contract with blockchain technology company BitFury.

BitFury is a well-known blockchain technology company that develops blockchain solutions – including hardware and software platforms – for businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals who want to implement blockchain technology.

Ter a Steemit postbode dated on October 7, Irish USI-Tech affiliate Aoibhin Sheehy, also known spil KingsOfBitcoin, described an “an precedented acquisition” of “70 million dollars of mining power” from BitFury:

“Seems all it takes is a bit of Fun-in-the-Sun, a Postcard Destination, and liberal amounts of Alcoholic Beverages to loosen some lips and let the “cat out-of-the-bag!

What’s the Scoop?” you say. USI-TECH has acquired 70 Million Dollars of Mining power through the BitFury Group — one of the largest and most lucrative mining companies te operation.

This is an unprecedented acquisition, typically refused to most companies approaching BitFury, due to the significant draw on resources the purchase represents, however, for USI-TECH, the “Sky’s the Limit”, and the overeenkomst wasgoed inked, thereby adding years of longevity to the already potent powerhouse that is USI-TECH.”

Other USI-Tech affiliates – all of whom make money by referring members to the podium – echoed the news across social media.

The posts referenced a “VIP” event held by top USI-Tech “investors” te Mallorca, Spain. USI-Tech’s executive team allegedly exposed the $70 million BitFury contract during this event.

BitFury CIO Alex Petrov Claims that No Contract Has Bot Signed

So what’s the problem with the $70 million acquisition?

The problem – aside from the fact that USI-Tech shows up to be a Ponzi scheme – is that BitFury has evidently disputed the news.

Our friends at eis that USI-Tech liedje about the $70 million contract. Spil proof, they cite a comment from BitFury CIO Alex Petrov, who said the following te a comment on a separate postbode on :

“USI Tech doesn’t sign any contracts with Bitfury, voeling are fake. This is officially confirmed from Bitfury side.”

Alex Petrov commented again on a separate postbode reinforcing the fact that no contract has bot signed. He posted linksom to affiliates, and described it spil a “fake announcement.” It’s not 100% certain if the Alex Petrov user on is indeed the Alex Petrov listed spil the CIO of BitFury. However, wij have no reason to believe he’s lounging.

Obviously, Ponzi schemes like USI-Tech are rampant across the industry. Most fail within weeks, but USI-Tech has bot active since 2016. The company claims to operate enormous mining operations around the world to generate ridiculous profits for investors.

Ter reality, it seems to be a standard pyramid scheme that seems destined to collapse te the near future – especially once regulators hear about the latest kwestie with the fake $70 million BitFury mining contract.

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