Singaporeans Turn to Bitcoin Mining

According to Channel News Asia one Singapore-based mining equipment manufacturer has experienced a acute increase te sales ter latest months spil the request for cryptocurrency mining computers has grew up to more than 100 equipments vanaf month spil of November 2017 from about 15 ter July.

However, the request is not limited on equipments alone. Ter fact, cryptocurrency exchanges such spil Coinhako and Quoine have both experienced double-digit growth ter the request for cryptocurrencies since the beginning of this year.

The influx of fresh investors has consequently helped pull the Bitcoin price spil it increases inbetween $6,000 and $7,000 ter mid-November 2017 from around $1,000 ter January.

With such promising growth, a lotsbestemming of people have turned to mining to make a passive income and take part ter the cryptocurrency market with the growth rates demonstrating no signs of slowing down.

Due to hyperinflation and financial crysis, cryptocurrency and mining had become very popular ter Venezuela. And spil wij all know, when cryptocurrency becomes popular ter any country, governments always attempt to regulate, spil they see it. Venezuela is not an exception.

The Venezuelan government is working on the legal framework to tax and regulate cryptocurrency mining. Spil a very first step, it is attempting to create a detailed registry of the country’s miners. Carlos Vargas, recently appointed spil the very first “superintendent of Venezuelan cryptocurrency” by Voorzitter Nicolás Maduro, announced the project at a press conference on Tuesday. This is reported by the Crypto Noticias.

Wij want to know who they are, wij want to know where they are, wij want to know what equipment they are using.

Additionally, Venezuelan police have continued arresting cryptocurrency miners.

On December 9, a police team raided a warehouse te the city of Barquisimeto, seizing 21 mining computers and arresting 31-year-old Daniel Andrés Di Bartolomeo Viloria. He wasgoed accused of money laundering, illicit enrichment, pc crimes, financing terrorism, exchange fraud, and harm to the national electrified system.

Digital currency is not endorsed by any banking institution ter the world strafgevangenis has it bot approved by any country. The currency is being marketed with legal appearance but ter essence it operates te secret.

Venezuelan Police Statement

Proponents of the fresh registry say it will create a way for bitcoin miners to operate with legal protections.

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