Mining Bitcoins South Africa

Your Education on Mining and Bitcoin Mining Operations

Welcome to your Mining Bitcoins. Wij embarked Trio years ago with Bitcoins and have bot on an amazing journey about finding the truths and untruths about Bitcoin and its associated coins. There are many opinions out there but bot educated is by gaining practice te the field of expertise that you are ter. Wij by no means know everything because the tech is growing so quick and arousing.

Bitcoins are ‘,mined’. Its a process of work done to produce an algorithm which wij call Bitcoins and it worth $2700 vanaf Bitcoin. Its very first introduction to the market wasgoed cheap, less than $1 vanaf Bitcoin and meant to create cheap transactions inbetween person to person, but is not anymore.

Wij will do a comparison inbetween different exchanges zometeen and compare specific rates to buy or sell Bitcoins:

XAPO – Expensive but very reliable company

LocalBitcoins – Reasonable transactions

Altcointrader – Can buy 8 Altcoins but Expensive (0.005 Btc vanaf transaction)

Wij love Bitcoins, but wij love the other coins more. They are much cheaper and so are their transactions.

Wij also will discuss the Trio mainstream mining operations te the world and compare comes back

  1. Genesis: The number one mining operation ter the world. Low comebacks
  2. BitclubNetwork: Average Comebacks ( Listig to join )
  3. Skill Dragon (Lifestyle Galaxy ) Medium-High comes back

Here are the linksaf to join any of the above:

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