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Investment te crypto-trading, leasing of equipment for mining, integrated P2P-exchange, adaptive multi-crypto-currency wallet, career for representatives, round-the-clock multi-language support – right from the commence Octoin company offers a multitude of implements for earning money, promising career growth for its employees and fucking partners, and announces the creation of a fresh crypto-currency.

Halloween comes to HashFlare

Here te Estonia, the winter is coming. There is slew of snow outside, but wij know that late October is all about something else – pumpkins, joy and sweets. Our newest equipment came just te time for Halloween, and wij are glad to pauze the routine and treat you with some fresh discounts!

Bitradio – you get BitradioCoins while listening to your beloved radio

Bitradio is a community driven webradio webstek. Our free radio service brings together more than 30,000 radio stations on a single podium. You get Bitradiocoins while listening to your dearest radio station. You can exchange them to Bitcoin or hold them to own a share of our websites and services.

Zcash, Fresh Sha Pricing and Survey Thanks!

Wij wished to send a special update to share some titillating news! Wij are always enlargening efficiency to make your mining practice better. Spil a result, wij are updating our Sha prices! The fresh prices are spil goes after: SHA256 – 0.Two TH/s = $30, Two.Five TH/s = $350, 15 TH/s = $1950. Ter addition, wij’ve also bot able to reduce our maintenance costs which means higher payouts for any fresh hashpower upgrade!

DASH mining contracts – Pre-order starts Monday!

Dear friends, the time has come to announce DASH cloud mining! On Aug 15, 12:00 UTC*, the very first batch of 1 year X11 contracts will available for pre-order at the price of 6 USD vanaf 1 MH/s. Mining will commence on Sep 15* and will bring the very first DASH payout the next day. The amount of hash rate is limited, so don’t miss your chance to mine one of the most promising altcoins!

X11 is Back. With a Discount You Don’t Want to Miss

Last week wij collective the bad news. X11 wasgoed SOLD OUT. Today, I write you with good news. for a limited time only, X11 contracts are back! Wij’ve bot hard at work setting up our X11 farms and were able to quickly get a limited operation back up and running. Our X11 contracts go swifter than anything wij’ve everzwijn suggested before so if you want them, make sure to get them while you still can! On another note, wij are blessed to announce that wij’ve enhanced our credit card purchase limit and all customers will now be able to purchase up to $Five,000 vanaf day via credit card.

Violet wand toverfee reduction

Spil Bitcoin mining prize halving is now history, it is our duty to keep everything running slickly for all of you. For the last duo of months, wij have bot working hard installing fresh energy efficient SHA-256 hardware to our gegevens centers, which will permit us to reduce our electrical play expenses. For that reason, wij are proud to announce that the Maintenance and Violet wand Toverfee (MEF) for SHA-256 contracts is now diminished by 25%, from 0.008 USD vanaf Ten GH/s to 0.006 USD vanaf Ten GH/s.

Iceland Football Promo Code (You Don’t Want to Miss This!)

Wij are big volgers and ventilatoren of the beautiful country of Iceland. Many of our mining facilities are located there, including one of our most popular, Enigma, the world’s largest ether mining farm. Spil you may also know, Iceland is advancing te the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament and will face off against France on July 3rd. To keep this spel arousing and demonstrate our support and love for Iceland, wij have a special promo code for the big spel!

X11 is Back (And A Entire Loterijlot Cheaper)

Bitcoin and Ether have had an eventful past duo of weeks and wij hope spil a customer you are reaping the benefits of this rapid increase te price. Te an upcoming postbode wij will opoffering our comments on the current events taking place te the industry but for today, wij’ll concentrate on the big news. A few months ago, wij ran out of X11 contracts and every day, wij received more and more emails from customers asking when they would be able to buy X11 contracts again. Well, the day has ultimately come! X11 is back and better than everzwijn! Today, wij officially announce the relaunch of X11!

Nexus Mining Review

Nexus Mining is registered te Canada and their two mining farms are located ter Europe and according to their webstek they will soon open a fresh one ter North America. They are obviously incapable to forecast future earnings, but they do attempt to give you some statistics you can commence with: there are Three graphs on their Pricing pagina displaying past earnings and other trends.

Next come in comments and the websitebeheerder will be notified about any such errors.

Wij do not recommend you to spend what you cannot afford to lose.

Cryptocurrency mining for joy and profit is always better with the latest and greatest information. With that ter mind, CoinDesk’s regular round-up details some of the most interesting events going on te the mining world te latest days – including an intriguing dogecoin announcement.

So, let’s explore some of the happenings since the last round-up.

Mining goes to the cloud

Spil bitcoin mining difficulty resumes to rise, big-time miners are looking for a leg-up on the competition. If that’s you, you might want to check out this article by Gegevens Center Skill (DCK), an online industry news webpagina.

According to the article, those who can’t afford to (or just don’t want to) invest ter major mining infrastructure and its issues now have another option – cloud-based mining. This is a business strategy whereby customers can pay a monthly toverfee to outsource their mining and reap the benefits that way.

The mere fact that DCK is covering mining at all is a sign that bitcoin infrastructure is now a serious business for IT professionals.

CoinTerra miner misses the 2TH/s mark . for now

Texas-based CoinTerra has begun shipping its fresh line of bitcoin miners. The company’s much-anticipated $Five,999 TerraMiner IV tests out inbetween 1.63 TH/sec and 1.72 TH/sec, which is below the anticipated Two TH/sec vertoning.

Because of this frustration, the project for its next production run, dubbed ‘batch 3’, is for a redesign aimed to pauze that Two TH/sec barrier.

“We are getting closer and closer to the spec with improvements that wij are doing on the houtvezelplaat,” Ravi Iyengar, CEO of CoinTerra, recently told The Register.

Bankruptcy judge blocks Alydian from assets sale

The Alydian story seems to only worsen spil time marches on. The CoinLab-incubated company filed for bankruptcy late last year, exposing that it had piled up debts of $Three.6m. Now, a judge is calling into question the propriety of the company itself.

Seattle’s US Bankruptcy Court Judge Karen Overstreet has blocked Alydian from auctioning off its assets, since it has not bot able to prove that it actually possesses any of its bitcoin mining technology. “What I see is a debtor that has absolutely zero existence,” Overstreet said.

Corporate mines will profit from transaction fees

Ter the 2nd part of Gegevens Center Knowledge’s bitcoin mining series, it outlines the potential corporatization of bitcoin mines.

Gegevens centres usually have long-term lease agreements, so system administrators will be confronted with programma their future mining hardware ter an uncertain world where the difficulty level of the currency quickly increases and profitability exponentially decreases. That could see a shift towards transaction fees spil a way to stay profitable.

Large-scale mining projects wielded by large corporations will be built ter the gegevens center te order to reap financial prizes from payments. Eventually, if bitcoin becomes more of a transactional asset rather than a speculative investment, even the major payment players, for example, could also end up wielding bitcoin mining set-ups.

Dogecoin to permit inflation

The surprising rise of dogecoin has bot hampered by a few concerns, one of which has bot the number of coins that can be mined. The scrypt-based coin wasgoed primarily pegged at 100 billion units, yet there have bot indications that that number is not set ter stone.

Ter an announcement that could create an interesting mining proef, doge’s creator Jackson Palmer has determined that the altcoin will permit for inflation, creating Ten,000 fresh coins vanaf block after the initial 100 billion are mined, or Five billion vanaf year.

So, what will that mean for the incentives to mine dogecoin? There will be more coins to mine, for sure, but it’s a bit early to say if it’s a positive step overall.

KnCMiner claims ‘massive progress’ on 20nm chip

Swedish miner manufacturer KnCMiner has bot making headway on its 20nm chips, it says. The company is striving to be the very first to market with that particular knot, and the company has announced they have made “massive progress”.

KnCMiner indicates on its webstek that the 2nd generation Neptune – with that 20nm chip – will ship te the 2nd quarter of 2014. The unit will have Trio TH/sec of mining oomph and is priced at $9,995. There will be a limited batch of 1,200 miners ter total.

KnCMiner is also boasting that the units will be more efficient, with a 30% reduction ter watts vanaf GH overheen the previous prototype.

Centerus joins the cloud mining crowd

Centerus CEO Carlos Tapang wasgoed a speaker at the North American Bitcoin Conference ter Miami recently. He talked about the aggressive marketplace that exists te bitcoin mining today, telling “the competition is truly rough ter bitcoin mining right now”.

Tapang believes he has a solution to that problem for those interested te profiting from mining bitcoin. His company’s “condo mining” concept permits its customers to choose a pool and mine with the company’s equipment – with payouts submitted “by the minute”, according to its webstek.

Butterfly Labs selling gear on TigerDirect

Maker of ASICs miners Butterfly Labs is now selling its products on Tiger Meteen. BFL is going the retail route to better get its mining devices into the mitts of potential customers.

The company has had some problems with its clientele and a disgruntled customer is now suing the company. One of the accusations alleges that the company holds onto equipment for itself ter order to profit from mining.

BFL has responded that the eis is “irresponsible and false”.

The value of mining

Early bitcoin investor and advocate Roger Veraf recently told a conference of cryptocurrency ventilatoren that bitcoin mining is a “billion-dollar market”.

Even with bitcoin’s current market cap at overheen $11bn, that’s still a significant industry component of the cryptocurrency.

After all, bitcoin mining is a very significant function of the protocol itself. The fact that it resumes to create fresh coins and provides essential confirmation of transactions means that the industry surrounding it will only proceed to grow. Spil bitcoin goes, so does mining.

It is, ultimately, an integral part of this revolutionary system.

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