JSON RPC API Bitcoind compatible RPC api

My Wallet users can interact with their wallet using our JSON RPC api. It is intended to be fully compatible with the original Bitcoind RPC protocol however some method calls are not supported.

  • No Blockchain Download – Save on bandwidth and disk space.
  • No Need to run Bitcoind – Some VPS and collective hosting plans do not permit you to run custom-made processes
  • Use Existing software – Most existing software that uses the bitcoind rpc calls will work transparently using blockhain.informatie
  • Payment notifications
  • Live synchronization with the web interface


-rpcuser Should be set to your wallet identifier. This is a 36 character random string which can be found on your wallet login pagina.

-rpcpassword Should be set to your main wallet password. If dual encryption is enabled your 2nd password will need to be set using walletpassphrase

-rpcport Should be set to 443 for https:// (when the -rpcssl is provided) or 80 for plain text http://

-rpcssl Set to use a secure connection (Recommended)


This api is presently incompatible with two factor authentication and it vereiste therefore be disabled. Wij Very recommend you enable dual encryption which can be found on the My Wallet account details pagina.

Unlike when using the javascript wallet transaction signing is conducted server side, which means your private keys are collective with the server. However many operations such spil fetching a balance and viewing transactions are possible without needing to decrypt the private keys. The is possible through the use of dual encryption only when the 2nd password is provided does the server have capability to access the funds ter a wallet. For merchants who need to only receive transactions it maybe possible to never provide a 2nd password.

If transactions can be delayed and are able to be by hand reviewed wij very recommend you do this. Have your server construct a list of transactions which need to be made and every so often an admin can login and review the list – if the transactions look ok they can by hand supply the 2nd password with a brief timeout (don’t store the 2nd password on your server if possible). When the admin provides a 2nd password you can commence a job to call sendmany.


  • An account is analogous for a label
  • A label and bitcoin address are interchangeable i.e. any directive which you can supply a bitcoin address you can substitute a label and visa versa
  • Any parameters with default value e.g. (minConfirmations = 1) are optional
  • HTTP callbacks can be enabled ter the notifications section of [Account Settings] te the web interface.

The rpc host is rpc.blockchain.informatie. Plain http and SSL https are supported.

Connecting using Bitcoind

Bitcoind can be used spil an RPC client for testing and debugging.

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